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Cookie policy

Cookies & Privacy


What are cookies

Cookies are unknown for some of us, thereby raising questions. About cookies, you, the customer, do not have to be concerned. They have been created to allow the use of the Internet, to facilitate the transaction. Some cookies are necessary for the optimal functioning of a website.
A cookie is a small text file which ensures that information while visiting a website is stored on your computer. On a later visit the website of this information is read. As a result, for example, that you are no longer have to enter your user-name and password each time visiting the website. If you do not enter your personal information on the website login, the cookies will not store the information.

First-party cookies

First party cookies store  information of the costumer on the page when the site opens. First-party cookies serve different purposes. One of the purposes, for example, is to store the login information of the costumer  and  selected items in a shopping cart.

Third-party cookie

Third-party cookie builds a "profile information” of the costumer on the Internet to be used for a longer period, to be followed on different websites. The results shows the costumer advertising banners. You might recognize the displayed advertising as it is related to previous websites you have visited.

Cookies off manually

You can easily disable the cookies for each browser. By doing this, your browser will not store your login information. 

MyMenFashion believes guar teeing your privacy is very important. We want to build a good relationship with our customers and that happens only when both parties work together in good faith. The information you provide to us will remain in-house and is only used to handle orders. Your personal data will therefore only be sent to to have the order delivered to the specified address.